Weight Loss Done Simply

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Weight Loss
A weight loss plan you can stick toHelix is a 28-day accelerated fitness program designed to fit your life
weight loss plan
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The Helix method in 3 simple steps.


Our philosophy

Restrictions, resistance, and rebound weight gain contribute to an unhealthy cycle that leaves people depleted and defeated. Helix is a short-term program built to give you results that last. Our program is rooted in:


Helix offers bite-size workouts you can do anywhere, anytime.



Our goal isn’t to leave you feeling physically exhausted or craving “cheat” foods. Helix is here to make you feel good so that you stay motivated and keep going.

Long-term wellness

Long-term wellness

Short-term goals are great, but long-term results are better. Helix focuses on instilling habits that are so enjoyable you’ll want to keep doing them even when the program’s over.


Weight loss
done simply.

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How Helix Works


When you sign up for Helix, you get access to a 28-day fitness program with a week-by-week schedule that covers your body, your food, and your mind. We’re committed to get you feeling good—quickly and sustainably. And we’ve made sure that you’ll enjoy to the process, too. 

Here’s how we do it


We’ve created a one-two punch for fitness and weight loss by focusing on metabolic recomposition. What that means is we get your body to work for you.

Our 7-minute exercises focus on full-body engagement and core strengthening through target exercises that reduce stress on the body and maximize fat loss and muscle toning. No long, tedious cardio workouts (which can cause cortisol spikes) or strenuous overtraining (which can cause cellular damage and leave you feeling depleted).

Our program also includes mobility movement and stretching exercises for a holistic approach that is effective and sustainable.

Strategic Eating

Nutrition is not just about what to eat—it's about when and how you eat to fuel your body optimally for fat loss and muscle gain.

At Helix, we’ve leveraged the latest science to create a delicious, balanced meal plan that ignites your body’s fat-burning hormones and steers clear of the yo-yo dieting cycle. It involves eating low-carb on the weekdays, the freedom for indulgences on the weekends, and harnessing the power of intermittent fasting. By syncing your intake of carbs, proteins, and fats with your body's natural rhythms, we boost your energy, cut cravings, and increase satiation.

The cherry on top: our meal plan is as effective as it is delicious.

Mind-Body Harmony

We know the psychological impact of embarking on a weight loss journey, and we are here to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Our mindset training and meditation audios are designed to help you overcome negative beliefs, cultivate a growth mindset, and unleash your inner motivation to help you conquer your weight loss journey. Our proven strategies will help you break through plateaus, overcome cravings, and stay focused on your goals.

Ready to start

start wellness journey

your wellness journey

Meet the team

Behind Helix’s science-based, straightforward method for achieving weight loss, nutritional balance, and mind-body harmony

Our fitness expert

Our Fitness Expert


Our fitness expert

Nutritionist Expert


Our fitness expert

Mindset Expert


Simple steps for big changes. Your journey to health starts here.

A weekly fitness plan

fitness plan
  • Three, 7-minute workout videos.
  • Three short mobility exercise videos.

A weekly meal plan

fitness plan
  • 3 delicious recipes per day and a mouth-watering snack.
  • A smart shopping list tailored to your meal plan.

Weekly mindset program

fitness plan
  • Two mindset training and meditation recordings.

Accountability & support

fitness plan
  • Our Members Facebook Group.
  • Live Chat support.

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